Youth Hunting – Building a Better Tomorrow With Education, Conservation and Responsibility

I would like to start off by saying that there is a huge problem today in how  people look at hunting. Hunting is one of our oldest traditions in the world and is admired by so many that have the OPPORTUNITY to hunt. What most people don’t understand is that hunting isn’t about killing something; it is a process at which we educate our youth about responsibility. Think about it, how much responsibility are we putting on a kid in giving him or her a firearm. Now don’t go jumping the gun and thinking that we are just going to load a gun and hand if off to a youth and say have fun and don’t poke your eye out. This is where our education and responsibility about how to handle a firearm properly comes in affect.

In fact there are more injuries in everyday sports than in hunting. Hunting has been deemed one of the safest sports you can participate in. According to a 2006 study done by Industry Intelligence Reports, hunting is the safest sport to participate in. There were only 898 hunting incidents in 2003 and there was 28,414 cheerleading accidents that year; 17,916 bowling; 37,131 golf; 561, 444 basketball and so on. As you can see by these stats, hunting is safer than a lot of your common everyday sports. For the most part, hunting is usually done by people who are safe, highly trained, careful and they try to respect others. Being a responsible hunter means you respect the weapon, the game, the land and others that use it. Teaching our kids some respect isn’t really a bad thing now is it? Hunting accidents are even lower now and other sporting accidents continue to rise.

One of the most important parts about hunting with kids or our own children is that we are passing on and “Preserving the Family Tradition of Hunting” and this is something that we as hunting partners can do for the rest of our lives together. Not too many activities out there that you can do that, is there? It is a lifetime activity that builds a lifetime of memories for our family and friends.

Now let’s get back to the hunting it’s self. We don’t encourage kids to just kill something; we teach them the process of hunting. The process is really what we want to instill in them, not the kill. Once a kid gets the passion for the chase then you have yourself a full fledged hunter. We want to encourage them to pick and choose the game they harvest and at the same time this is how we teach them the cycle of life. How many times have you or someone you know been hunting and bring nothing home. If you are a true hunter, it happens a lot. Along with all of the hunting it will teach kids about nature, conservation and dedication to doing something they love.

So, make time to get your kids out hunting and fishing because you know as well as I do that we make time for everything else. I can’t tell you how much enjoyment and quality time I get by me and my daughter hunting. Our youth hunters today are at an all time low; in fact our hunting population is at an all time low. In the 1970’s we had 20 million hunters and now we only have a little over 12 million and the brunt of this is because we CHOOSE to do other things over hunting. Do you realize that only 12% of our hunters are under the age of 25 and 24% are over 55 and here is the most disturbing fact of all. We have only had a 38% newcomer ratio in the past 15years. WOW, it’s time to take action and we can help, check us out on the web.


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