World of Warcraft Free Gold Farming Guide

Let’s face the facts. If you play World of Warcraft you have probably learned by now that you need a ton of gold in order to really enjoy the game. One of the most important reasons for having plenty of gold is purchasing mounts. Mounts completely change the dynamic of the game because you can travel to more places faster. Walking and running stinks!

Well, as a long time player I wanted to share with you a World of Warcraft free gold farming guide. With this short guide you should be able to start making 1000’s of gold in no time. Just follow these steps and you can’t go wrong. Some may seem very simple, remember KISS (keep it simple stupid) and you will be well on your way to making gold.

Ok, so here are the preliminary steps:

1. The first thing you absolutely have to do is start completing the low level quests. This does several things: gain exp, gain copper and opportunity to pickup items you can sell. So, start picking up as many low level quests as you can. The majority of these quests will involve you killing creatures or collecting items, or both. Don’t sweat it-just do it. Pick up every item a creature drops even if it seems insignificant until your backpack is full. If you are lucky you might even find a pouch or two that you can add to your character and load up even more items into! Be sure to turn in your quests as you complete them…more money and items are usually given as rewards. Some items you may not need but can sell to a vendor…so get rid of those! Also, sell everything you DON’T need from your pack to a vendor. More money for you.

2. Now that you have some levels and hopefully money, you need to load up on slot bags. If you don’t already have them, you can buy them from a vendor. Be sure to get the biggest bags you can afford. The more the better!

3. Once you have your bags, you need to pick two professions. The question is which ones should you pick? You can either pick two that work well together such as mining/blacksmithing, herbalism/potions, skinning/leather-working, or you can mix and match. This is entirely up to you. I have found that the gathering professions generally yield the best results such as skinning and mining. The reason for this is that you are going to spend time on your journeys either mining for ores or skinning animals. Skinning will be more profitable in the long run because you are doing several things: killing for experience, picking up dropped items for resale, and skinning the animal for pelts which you will later sell. (Do you see the potential here?)

4. Don’t forget to get the required items you need in order to perform your profession eg. Mining-pick, skinning-skinning knife!

5. Now that you have your bags and your professions, the next thing you want to do is get the next set of quests. Why? Because questing yields more experience, more money, more killing, more skinning potential, more traveling (more mining potential) and end quest rewards in the form of more money/items/experience! This is way more fun than just grinding Buy wow gold  out an area…although there are times when grinding is necessary!

6. Important! Before leaving on your travels, be sure to stock up on things you need such as bandages, water, food, mana potions, healing potions, buff potions etc. This is vitally important, especially if you are traveling alone! Plan to be away from home for a while.

7. Now you are ready to hit the trails. Keep these things in mind: Always have your best buffs on that meet your style of play. If you are very offensive in nature, then make sure you have the best offensive buffs on…for example a Paladin traveling alone might have his shield aura on. This increases his armor. He might have a Blessing of might to increase his attack. As you travel, pick and choose your attacks carefully. You might not want to wade into a raider camp all alone, but you can pick off an orc here and there by yourself without too much trouble. This is important. The last thing you need is to be soloing and getting killed every other minute. This does not translate to a good gold per hour ratio!

8. Humanoids tend to drop stackable items such as cloth, linen, wool etc. This is great, stack it up. Always be on the look out for this stuff because it will resell at auction for more than a vendor will pay. If you are a miner, be sure to have your detect ore on and search out every mineral vein you can find. Mine them repeatedly until the ore disappears. Take everything. Be sure to mark locations as well so that you can return later to re-mine. Of course most mining caves will yield multiple ore veins.


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