Why Buy Real Estate Property in Turkey

Turkey has suddenly become one of the most talked about locations in the world in terms of its emergence as a holiday location, a foreign direct investment hotspot and a real estate property paradise for all those seeking the ultimate in affordable, well located and beautifully constructed holiday homes or investment properties.

For the potential buyer or indeed a traveler considering their 2007 summer holiday destination, this is a guide to why Turkey is just such a popular choice and why buying real estate property in Turkey today could set up your future economic prospects very positively indeed!

In 2006 certain significant events took place to define Turkey’s likely future direction. Firstly a small terrorism group which had been targeting Turkey announced a unilateral ceasefire and a change in direction to political lobbying for the realisation of its aims, secondly Turkey began getting its political, social and economic affairs in order for its eventual acceptance into the European Union fold, and thirdly the nation received an incredibly significant financial lift from Middle Eastern investors who see Turkey as the one true nation which bridges Eastern and Western cultures, beliefs and religions.

As a result of all of these incredibly significant and weighty events Turkey has been hitting the headlines weekly as it develops, emerges and becomes one of the most exciting nations in the world in terms of its potential for growth and economic expansion. One significant result of the greater exposure of Turkey is that tourism numbers are surging ahead and it is predicted by the World Travel and Tourism Council that Turkey’s tourism based economy is on track for extra-ordinary growth.

For an individual thinking about getting into real estate property investment all of these factors are incredibly positive indicators for the success of a well located and priced property asset. Why? Because with increased tourism comes increase in demand for property for short term lets and as today’s holiday maker is often tomorrow’s holiday home buyer it’s likely that tourism interest alone will see coastal property prices in Turkey rise significantly over the short to medium term. This means an investor can target immediate income and potentially long term capital growth as well.

Currently because Turkey is only just starting to emerge as a nation worthy of consideration among investors its property stock is low priced and offers more investors the chance to buy in – where one might like to own a home in the South of France, Florida or even Dubai, let’s face it prices are already sky high and therefore limit the amount of profit that can be made and restrict many investors who just don’t have the capital to commit to buying.¬†¬†property for sale in turkey

As Turkey hones and develops politically, socially and economically and is boosted by massive foreign direct investment so it is a nation that is about to blossom – again adding to the overall appeal of the country for many from business men and women to students, holiday makers, holiday home seekers, retirees and even those looking for a low cost, high standard of living in which to make a fresh start. Therefore if you buy investment property in Turkey today, it is highly likely you will have made a good investment choice for the long term as demand to rent or buy your asset will increase.



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