What to Expect at a Cat Show

If you are a cat lover or have been thinking about showing off your own feline friend, then you may be interested in attending a local cat show to see what it’s like. A cat show is an exciting event for any animal enthusiast to attend – the energy and playfulness of the different breeds of cats shown makes it lots of fun for people of all ages to enjoy.

Most professional cat shows are sponsored by clubs affiliated with the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), an international club that’s dedicated to the recognized breeds and well being of cats. At the cat show, you will find multiple “Ambassadors” that are happy to walk around answering questions about the various types of cats. Many of the cat show ambassadors will be glad to take you on a walking tour of the entire arena and introduce you to the cat owners, breeders and handlers who are there prepping their felines for the show and attending to their animals.

It’s recommended that you seek out an ambassador for any questions you have or if you just need tips on proper etiquette at a hairless cat for sale cat show. It’s perfectly acceptable to ask questions about the cats and their care and unique characteristics, but it’s not generally a good idea to ask to touch or hold the cats themselves, unless offered to do so by a handler. Keep in mind that each cat has their own special personality and may be overwhelmed by all the hustle and bustle typical at a cat show.

Unlike the pet shows that occur on television, you will not expect to see people walking cats around a ring on leashes. Instead, there are special rings set up for each category of cats – from purebreeds to kittens to everyday household pets who are not purebred. The judges walk around and carefully examine and handle the felines by category and then make their decisions based on conformity, personality and appearance. Cats are not expected to perform any special tricks or anything like that. Instead they are judged on how well they cope with being handled and their looks and unique features for each breed.

At many cat shows, spectators will be allowed to walk around and visit with each of the breed and category rings, once the judges are complete with their inspections. Breeders and handlers are willing to answer any questions from you and are also happy to talk with you about your own special breed cats, if you are a cat owner. They are also willing to talk about special concerns unique to each breed and give helpful advice to help you make the decision to purchase or adopt a kitten of a particular breed.

Should you choose to purchase a kitten from a breeder at the show, you will find many beautiful colour varieties and temperaments in felines to choose from that are of champion bloodlines. Be prepared to pay substantially more for one of these royal beauties, however. as a champion purebred cat can cost anywhere from $500 USD on up. You will know, however, that you are getting the best of the best in the type of cat that you choose. You will also have an investment in a cat that is show quality that you can raise to be a future champion or for breeding purposes. Be sure that you don’t get caught up in wanting a cat, but that you can commit to the lifetime of that animal and the care it requires.

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