Various shapes of Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is a self defense product which is used against attackers. Its constituent is a powder which is very much similar to chili powder in appearance and properties. The main constituents of the powder are oleoresin capsicum. and OC gas Lost Mary The pepper spray generally abnormal the respiratory system of the attacker by lowering down the oxygen supply in larynx. Pepper spray is very advantageous in emergency situations. But there are limitations also They cannot hit the target with hundered percent assurity. So if you miss the target situation becomes difficult for you because the attacker can become more violent and angry. the other limitation is that you cannot keep these sprays with you at all places.for example these sprays are banned on airports. One other difficulty with these sprays is that they cannot be used by every person . Asthma patients should avoid this spray because the powder used in the spray can be very harmful for them You can be fined or sentenced to imprisonment or both if you carry these sprays at airports. Inspite of these limitations the advantage is that the spray offers us liberty in shape and sizes. They are available in a number of shape and sizes. The popular ones are:

Lipstick pepper spray: This type of pepper spray is mainly used by women. The appearance of this spray is like a lipstick so it looks a lipstick to the attacker but he gets shocked when you use it. This spray can hit the target from a distance of six feet.

Pepper spray pens: It is a very compact and light weight spray in the form of a pen. It contains seventeen percent of pepper inside it and is known to be one of the strongest pepper spray.

Pepper ring: In this type of pepper spray the pepper is filled inside the ring and a button is provided. If you encounters an attacker you just have to push a button and the spray start its work.

Streetwise Pepper spray : It is the most strongest pepper spray in the world. you can use it from a safe distance from the attacker. It generally contains seventeen percent of Pepper along with SHV.

Pepper Spray foam: when you shot this spray a colloidal solution like tooth paste or shaving cream sticks on to the face of attacker. Thus it temporary blinds the attacker.

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