The World of the Nut

We have found that a bolt can not affect if there is no mating nut to cooperate with. Generally speaking, when a bolt is put into a tapped hole, you should use a wrench to turn the nut to fix it well. If a nut loose as a result of vibration and external rotation, the combination of their threads’ friction lose. If the bolt is the major part of a machine, it would lead to a serious situation. In fact, the helical ring plays an important role in the process. As the bolts differ on a wide range of diameters, the nuts have a great variety. And considering of the different practical demands, there are nuts with square, pentagon, hexagon and much more polygon. Basing on this, we would find the world of nuts is huge and wonderful.

Today, a deep look at some common types of nuts is taken.

First, a cage nut is called caged nut as well. The cage is usually made of spring steel and is to wrap around the nut. This kind of nut is usually used to mate with the square-holed racks as its special shape. It has two wings which determine the cage to be inserted into the racks or the nut to be released in position. It commonly has four sizes.

Second, a coupling nut is used to join two male threads. Generally speaking, it holds a hex which people can use a wrench or some handling tools to fix or release the nut. It has two common types which is reducing coupling nuts and sight hole coupling nuts. For the previous type, it is used to connect two threads of different size. For the latter one, it is observed the amount of engagement through its particular sight hole.Lag Bolt sizes

Third, a flange nut is a kind of nut which has a wide flange at one end. It is generally used to play as the role of integrated, non-spinning washer. The flange on the nut is elaborately designed to reduce the chance of damage to the part. And basing on this, the flange would help to keep the nut from rotating in the direction which would loosen the nut.

Nut tends to be common in our daily life. Referring to the “square” nut, it is inferred that it has four sides. In fact, this kind of nut totally wraps the bolt to provide greater resistance to loosening.

At last, a T- nut is a type of nut used in some wooden furniture. It also has a flange which is similar to the flange nut. As the very thin body, together with the flange, the nut appears to be the letter “T”. So the name is given as T-nut. Sometimes, they are conjunct with studs and clamps to provide flexible means of holding in machine tools.

It is certain that the world for the nut would be enlarged as the industry develops. And it is a fact that there are more types of the nut is on the corner for your further learning.



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