Searching For Ghosts With SciFi HD

As the wind blows up against the side of the old house a slight howl can be heard down the hall. Never fear because the TAPS team is there to investigate on Ghost Hunters. Could it be the wind coming in through a crack? Maybe it’s the ghost of an old woman who lived there 100 years ago? Is that cold chill they feel just a case of the spooky jitters?

This delightful show follows a team of paranormal researchers as they investigate homes or locations that may be haunted. The TAPS team is lead by plumbers, Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes. TAPS is an acronym for The Atlantic Paranormal Society. Their team is made up of ordinary folks who have daytime jobs. One constant team sci fi-games 2022 member is Steve Gonsalves. Steve is the technology manager who has to analyze the evidence and train new team members. Using high tech equipment the team is in the search of any evidence they can get to either dispute the haunting claims or prove that a location is indeed haunted.

As you follow the TAPS team on each investigation while watching SciFi HD you get the feeling that you are a part of the team. Put this show on a large screen HDTV and it would be easy to spook yourself while watching Ghost Hunters. The incredible vivid display with crystal clear picture is an amazing experience. If you listen closely to the digital audio you may get a chance to hear a whisper from people long ago.

Ghost Hunters fans accompany the team to interesting locations such as Wright-Patterson Air Force Base where apparitions have been spotting along with moving objects and unusual sounds. The team has been to the Cashtown Inn in Gettysburg, Weston State Hospital also known as a haunted asylum, and the Astors’ Beechwood Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island. High-def programming allows you to experience these locations like never before.

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