Scrubs Fashion From Your Favorite Medical Television Shows

Flipping through the channels these days you will find handsome actors and actresses alike dressed in hospital scrubs on nearly all of the major networks. Television and the movies certainly have inspired many a fashion trend, which in recent years has extended to the fictitious hospital staff of hospital shows from Scrubs to ER to Grey’s Anatomy. These men and women play parts inspired by real-life medical professionals who save lives every day. They also set the trend for medical scrub fashion. It might not be the red carpet, but it certainly is another sort of stage where fashion and function met on a regular basis.

Grey’s Anatomy scrubs are designed to keep up with the ever-changing schedule of surgeons. While the television show follows surgeons at the fictitious Seattle Grace Mercy Hospital West, located in Seattle,homeland project free tv  Washington the scrub fashion on the show showcased a diverse color base to meet the specific needs of different sexes and body types of the cast. There are many more scrub fashion trends to look for on upcoming episodes, as the show has been renewed for a 7th season.

It would be impossible to mention Grey’s Anatomy without mentioning Katherine Heigl scrubs. Not only is Katherine Heigl one of the shows stars, with a 2007 Emmy under her belt for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in her role as Izzie; but she always looks professional and put together regardless of the on-screen drama. Her medical fashion sense is a mix of classic and fun and change of pace from her red-carpet glamour.

The all all-star cast of NBC’s hit television show Scrubs just completed its ninth and final season. Featuring cast members in a wide-range of medical scrubs, this show focused on the men and women employed at the new Sacred Heart Hospital on the Winston University Campus. While other medical shows focused on drama, Scrubs address the challenges and stresses of a busy hospital by making viewers laugh. Its cast also represented a more diverse employee base within any given hospital, with janitors and chef surgeons all sharing screen time.

Another classic American medical drama that recently closed its doors to viewers was ER, created by acclaimed novelist Michael Crichton. Not only did this show help launch the careers of George Clooney, Anthony Edwards and Julianna Marguliles, it showcased scrub trends for medical professionals in the Chicago area, where cold weather creates unique challenges. Second only to Law and Order, ER is the longest running show on NBC and certainly inspired many other hospitals dramas that followed.


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