Root Canal Therapy: Is It Painful?

A root canal procedure sounds as if it might be very painful. The Endodontist or dentist has to go inside the root(s) of the tooth to remove infected or diseased tissue then drain abscesses. Most individuals are in pain before having the procedure due to the infection within the root of the tooth. The pulpy matter within the root does contain blood vessels and nerves which don’t respond nicely to pressure. With modern day anesthetics, many patients state that root canal treatment isn’t any more uncomfortable than having a tooth filled.

Some individuals might experience pain when undergoing root canal therapy and there are a few things that may cause this. If the area surrounding the tooth isn’t correctly anesthetized, the patient may feel a little of the work being performed. The dental professional should always be informed if pain is being experienced during the procedure, as this can usually be rectified by an additional application of local anesthesia.

Individuals who have a fear of the dentist often experience an increased expectation of discomfort Order Xanax Online from dental treatments. This anxiety and fear may lead to increased pain sensitivity. A dentist can address this in various ways, and nitrous oxide or laughing gas will often help to relax the patient and aid Buy Xanax Online in the procedure going smoothly.

An individual who has high anxiety also may benefit from prescription benzodiazepines such as Xanax or Valium. A few clinical experts also provide sleeping dentistry in which a patient is administered anesthesia to induce near unconsciousness. This may aid the most nervous patient in surviving a root canal treatment with minimal pain and anxiety.

A few will experience pain while undergoing root canal treatment due to problems associated with their jaws, particularly the temporomandibular joint. In some cases, individuals experience clicking, popping, or jaw locking. Those who are aware of this problem may talk about their options with a dentist prior to receiving any treatment, however they should probably expect a bit of tenderness in the jaw following all dental treatments.

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