Is Article Writing and Submission Really An Inexpensive Way To Generate Leads Online?

Apparently the best no-cost method to generate leads online as well as to increase your overall presence and significance with the search engines is publishing and writing pinpointed articles. This technique has been directly associated with online affiliate marketing success, MLM success, as well as with winning strategies such as overall success in internet marketing. Even if it’s cheap and even if it’s easy, though, the real question is whether or not it’s going to help you generate leads online.

First, we’ll tackle the “easy” question. Although there are several other issues supporting the idea that article marketing is a powerful tool for generating leads just by driving traffic to a certain site, the more critical variable is keyword research. Online presence can be virtually DOA without keyword research. This research is the bedrock in deciding whether you “hang your shingle” on a deserted street in the middle of GhostTown, Cyberspace or whether you “hang it” in the food court of the most frequented shopping mall found in Cyberspace. Performing keyword research also can create the GPS coordinates that people follow to find your squeeze page, online store or blog. No doubt there are millions of expertly crafted articles floating aimlessly around the internet. Because there was no diligent keyword research performed, it’s likely these articles have never been read by anyone other than its author.

Back linking is the second critical factor to consider. These links form the connection between your site and other sources on the internet which makes it much more likely that the search engine “spiders” crawl across it and “read it.” As soon as the “spiders” read it, they “see” links associated with other sources that help the search engines determine if the article content is relevant and carries any authoritative weight. The search engines then properly place it accordingly if they determined that the content is relevant. This does not mean, however, that the you are going to rank on first page of Google after a day reddit essay writing service or two, but it can certainly give you the chance to get on first page within 2 months. Therefore, resoundingly, the answer to the “Easy” question is “Yes” but with some conditions. These include proper keyword research, linking and consistency of submission which form the foundation of the ability to generate leads online and to generate traffic altogether.

As for being “free,” article writing can be just that but only if you are willing to do the writing yourself. There are many people out there that have become too busy to write and submit articles so they turn to things such as Ghost writing services. Although ghost writers can be inexpensive, there are many who will take advantage of people as well. Without proper investigation, you could find yourself paying somewhere around 35 US Dollars for articles that a hungry English major at the local university would do for 7 US Dollars or less. Only if you are short on time should you consider this as an option. Yes, there are parts of article marketing that can be free, cheap and easy but also be wary that there are always predators lurking around that want to charge you much too much money in return for the products or services that they offer.


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