Increase the confidence of your employer when it comes to remote working methods

Yahoo!’s recent decision to insist that all employees work in the office has prompted a lot of criticism from remote workers. Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer insisting that all employees work in the office has sparked outrage from remote workers and location independent workers around the globe. She has been criticized for being out of touch and failing to keep up with the times, as well as missing all the benefits remote working offers.

However, banning remote work simply shows that remote work burnout statistics employers still have concerns about allowing employees to work remotely. They are often concerned about the impact on productivity or if their employees won’t be able to contribute to the team.

If you are interested in working remotely, how can your employer increase their confidence in this practice so they can also see the benefits?

Request a trial

Although your boss might be afraid of you working remotely, there may also be a fear that it will become too permanent. You should highlight all the benefits, including the financial savings of not having to provide equipment and a desk, and convince your boss that it is worth a try for a few weeks or to work from home one or two days per week. You will be more likely to get them to try it, if they agree that it will only be a test. This gives you ample opportunity to convince them.

Demonstrate how it’s done

Remote working is becoming more possible. Your boss might not be aware of the many software options available. Show your boss some of the software that remote workers use in businesses around the globe. Show your boss the benefits of Skype and other free tools, such as LiveMinutes, and connect to them via an online meeting software, such as LiveMinutes.

Highlight the Green Credentials

Your company may be trying to become greener and will need to promote its credentials. You can suggest to your boss that staff who work remotely are allowed to reduce CO2 emissions. This could help you get publicity.

Talk about it with other employees

Your boss may not be keen to try remote work if you are the only person in the office that wants it. If you discover that there are many employees who would love to work remotely, your boss might be more open to the idea. This will allow the staff to stay engaged and happy.

Learn More About the Competition

There is nothing that can make a boss more motivated to act than learning that they are behind the rest in any area. Research your competitors to see if they use remote workers. Subtly mentioning that your competition uses remote workers and the potential benefits could help to assure your boss it isn’t a waste of time. You can find examples of companies using remote workers that work well to show that it works, even if they are not your direct competitors.

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