How to Stop Smoking Weed – Best Ways and Ideas

According to some experiences of quitting weed, physical withdrawals are extremely struggling and frustrating, especially for anyone gets high on a weekly basis. There are many noticeable symptoms and for anyone who smokes weed on a daily basis, the problems are even worse.

Why did I decide to quit weed after so many years of smoking? There are many reasons behind it. First of all, I did decide to quit smoking weed but hesitated on how to quit. I didn’t predict what serious diseases I could possibly suffer if I keep this with me.

Health concerns

Weed smoking can stimulate and cause even worse respiratory diseases such as lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and immune system deficiencies as well as physical or mental disorders.

Social concerns

Weed smoking certainly ruined my normal social life; I behaved like a criminal, hiding myself from my family and social friends.

As you know, smoking weed can only temporally take you away from problems. However, the problems themselves never go away, they still exist. Only when I got stoned and had a high feeling, it seemed they were away from the anxiety and depression. When the high feeling disappeared, I became conscious and realized my concerns are still with me.

Before I decided to give up weed smoking, I had work out a plan based on my individual health conditions and obtained medical and well-being advice from my drug-quitting consultant and gradually quit it.

Here is given an example indicating how as a typical long-term drug user takes to quit smoking weed. weed online bestellen 

5 weeks before stopping, I took only one hit per day. Gradually, I slowed down to one hit every-other-day. That lasted for 3 weeks. During the following 10 days, I quit smoking weed completely. My appetite was not affected, but there were many other side effects, which I had to cope with for a period of time.

Moisture skin texture

I had insomnia and unrestful sleep for a couple of weeks then the symptoms gradually disappeared naturally. I feel it is worth doing. Right now, every night I have a regular sleep routine, and my skin texture has added more moisture and is shiny.

Strength and energy

Because of the bad sleep, I suffered soreness all over my body; from my hands, arms, legs, thighs and neck to my whole back. The sore was extremely frustrating; I did not have any strength and energy the entire day. Once I got on a regular sleep routine, all those symptoms disappear completely. My strength and energy gradually come back and I can eat regularly again. I eat a well-balanced and healthy diet to build up my body strength. My muscles slowly became firm, not like before when they were very loose.

Get along with family and friends

For the first couple of weeks, my mood swung constantly and I was very sensitive and irritable to everything happening around me. But I could feel that slowly I could get along with my family and friends. I didn’t behave like a criminal hiding from them. I started to talk to my family and ring my friends and was keen dining out. It seems the world was becoming more interesting and attractive to me.

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