How to Start a Mobile Car Wash Business!

So you are wanting to open your own mobile car wash business, but are not sure just how to go about it. Well relax, because there is plenty of help available! are a few things that you need to consider first, though. Are you going to run this as a one-man operation or are you going to hire help? Do you have a fixed location or will you be traveling to your customers homes? Do you know the local ordinances on chemical and water usages in residential neighborhoods?

If all this is a little overwhelming to you, don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it seems. But one of the best ways to go into business for you is to buy a franchise. There are many proven businesses that are just waiting to help you with training and support. They are in business to help you succeed. Here are a few ideas on starting a mobile car wash business.

1. Ecowash
Heading the top of the list is a car wash franchise that is sweeping the nation. Imagine a mobile car wash business that

1. is very friendly to the environment,

2. uses no water.

You heard me right; Ecowash cleaning system uses no water so you are not using up our limited water resources. In case this sounds a little shady to you, let me give you some of their credentials. Ecowash cleaning system was given the Rewards for Excellence award in 2008 by the National Retail Association. It has expanded all over the world and been recognized as not only an outstanding business to run, but also an outstanding service to the community. Originally started in Australia, it has reached the USA, Europe and the Middle East. You definitely want to check this one out.

2. ProntoWash
Originally started in 2001; ProntoWash has been aggressively expanding all over the United States and Latin America. ProntoWash offers a low-cost start-up and proven marketing plan. They pride themselves on offering an easy turn-key system, putting you in business in the shortest time possible. ProntoWash is very environmentally friendly and is growing at a rapid pace. With plans to expand into Europe, you definitely want to get involved in this business.

3. Detail King
If you really want to have your customers fighting for your attention, check out the possibilities with Detail King. Offering a complete business start-up plan and all the equipment you would need to completely detail a vehicle, you will have your customer’s cars looking as good as the first day they bought it, or better. Detail King provides an intensive training program and the only limits are on how much you want to get involved with. You can start with a basic program or get involved in a three-day program teaching you all you need to know about detailing a vehicle. The sky is the limit.

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