Halloween Treat Ideas – Choosing the Right Candy

Before you go shopping for your trick-or-treaters this year you might want to know what the kid’s idea of a favorite Halloween treat is and what other things are handed out instead of Halloween candy. best cbd edibles for anxiety


According to recent surveys anything chocolate is the hands down winner for most popular Halloween treat. When asked what their favorite brand of candy was Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups came up on top.
The top ten favorite Halloween treats rank Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as number one, with the next nine positions belonging to Snickers, KitKat, Butterfinger, Nestle Crunch, Hershey bars, candy corn, Three Muskeeters, Milky Way and popcorn balls.
Other popular choices for Halloween treats were lollipops, gummy candy and gum.
Bite size candy was also favored over full size chocolate bars (believe it or not)!
So if you want to be a hit this year with all your trick-or-treaters, now you’re armed with just the right information before you hit the grocery store with your Halloween treats list.


Instead of just plopping down on the floor and devouring every last morsel, kids actually have certain strategies when it comes to how they handle their precious Halloween treats.

According to a recent survey, sorting their Halloween candy by order of most favorite is a must before enjoying their treats. After that crucial step, kids will generally eat their favorite Halloween candy first and then either share the rest or save it for later.

Swapping Halloween treats is also another way kids like to handle their precious cargo.


Thinking of handing out something besides candy this year? Although you’ll be popular with parents, your trick-or-treaters may not be so thrilled to get something other than Halloween candy.

Here are some of things that according to seasoned trick-or-treaters, are the least popular Halloween treat ideas to hand out instead of Halloween candy. Topping the list was homemade cookies or cereal bars, followed by toys, salty snacks like potato chips or pretzels and fruit.

So beware of what you choose this year or you may find yourself on the trick end of a trick-or-treater!


Did you know that about ninety percent of parents admit they like to sneak treats from their kids stash? The bite size chocolates were the most “thieved” item out the bag. Other popular targets are M&M’s, caramels and gum. Licorice however, tends to be left alone as the least favorite Halloween treat to sneak.

According to a survey done with kids 6-11 years old, most of them will share their loot with family and friends. Some will share it with their teacher (smart thinking)! Only a small percentage said they would not share their Halloween treats at all.

When a group of parents were surveyed about how they choose what to hand for Halloween candy most will select their own favorite candy verses buying either what is on sale or what the kid’s favorites are.

Most parents also said they have a plan as to how many pieces of candy a day they will allow their children to have. Some parents bring a portion of the Halloween treats in to work and a few will keep a little on hand for home.

As you shop this year looking for just the right Halloween treats, keep in mind that your choices mean more than you think! It is not only the kids that will be watching who has the best treats. Parents will be eyeing that trick-or-treat bag too! Happy Halloween!

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