Forex Trading Made E Z – Essential Video Training on Profitable Forex Trading

This product is not a forex robot or an expert advisor. So you are not buying a software program that will help you trade forex or an automatic program that makes the trades for you.

Instead, what you are buying with Forex Trading Made E Z is excellent training material on Forex, and what works very well indeed with manual trading. I am very hard to impress – perhaps a I was born a skeptic. But this “old timer’s” training course gets my vote!

George was a pilot forced to metatrader 4 retire at age 60. But he had been a forex trader as a personal interest most of his life, and he had developed an insight into how to trade successfully.

As he says, he has no magic bullet. What he teaches are the simple rules, tactics and disciplines that have been successful for him time and time again. To me, it is not just what he teaches, it is how he teaches it.

His sales page is not the normal hard sell I have seen for every forex robot so far – all of which make my skin crawl even if their product is solid.

With Forex Trading Made E Z, on the pre-sales page you get to watch 3 videos 5-6 minutes long which are all made in the last 30 days, all showing George making trades.

You can hear in his voice that he is about 65-70 years old, and that he loves what he does. But he doesn’t sound excited by it, he has a wonderful sense of calm about him.

I strongly recommend that you visit his sales page, watch those 3 videos and register your email address. After you confirm the link he first sends you, you get to download the first 5 chapters (32 pages) of his Forex Trading Made E Z PDF ebook.

All of this costs you nothing.

But it sure does give you confidence that you are getting what he says you will get. And from the downloaded first 5 chapters, you can see from the index what the main subjects are.

Personally I love video as a teaching tool. There is only so much that my mind absorbs while reading. With video, my eyes are seeing what is described, and my ears are soaking up the message too.

The combination of audio-video with the eBook is the perfect combination to learn from.

The first thing Forex Trading Made E Z is that to double your money, you need 15 trading days at 5% compounding growth per day. Do that again, and in another 15 days you have doubled your money again – to be 4 times what you started with.

Throughout all his trading lessons, that is his target, no more and no less – 5% compound growth per day.

And that if you start with $500, you can be earning $500 every day within 3 months – using the same principles and systems. All steady as you go stuff – with no greed and no suffering.

So, start with $500, follow lessons and disciplines, and within 3 months you too can and will be making $500 a day.

The focus of Forex Trading Made E Z is all on the training, and the discipline required. The vendor (George Smith) only trades on EURUSD, though he points out that his methods work on any currency pair. But why make it complicated?

Forex Trading Made E Z begins with broker selection, and he recommends OandA.

I just opened a demo account with them no problems at all, and I noticed that all trades big or small are at 0.9 pip spreads. WOW, that information alone is worthwhile as I had never heard of this broker before now.

No emphasis is placed on economic knowledge at all. In fact Forex Trading Made E Z’s George Smith claims ignorance has been his best friend, and that he knows very little about all “the stuff” of what goes on behind the scenes.

He just knows how to trade the numbers.

Many traders “trade the news”, referring to news events which can have a big impact on currency swings. George does not – and claims what’s the point if you don’t have a crystal ball. In fact he strongly advises to not be trading during the usual news-release times.

As such, he points out that you don’t want any open positions at either 8.30am nor 10am Eastern Standard Time as that is when most news announcements are made. Forex Trading Made E Z makes it clear that after the fireworks of those times has died down, then go back to work and trade.

Next on the agenda is money management, as George says, the most important part of Forex trading. To recap his words;

* never risk more than 2% on any one trade.
* quit for the day if we’ve made five percent on our money.
* quit for the day if we’ve lost ten percent.
* quit at 3:00 PM Eastern no matter where we are simply, because the markets slow down around that time.

Then he gets into it. I do strongly recommend using the broker OandA with a demo account at least when you work through all of the training. Yes they have a great spread of 0.9 pips, so long run after you are trading live, you may wish to use this broker.

But my point for now is that Forex Trading Made E Z contains many pictures and videos all using the OandA platform. So to make your learning easier it is best to study and practise with this platform – which as I said is great anyway.

When you combine the decades of wisdom of George, and his no nonsense rules and disciplines, you truly will enjoy forex trading. And you truly will make money.

At the very least, you should watch his free videos on his sales page and register free for his first 5 chapters – you’ll be so glad you did. I learned a lot just from that. Click here to get them.


I am thoroughly impressed with George’s video training and detailed PDF manual. He is one of nature’s gentlemen, and very helpful with email emails. I never thought I would be recommending it when I set out to review the 40 forex robots, especially after seeing all the hard-sell hype of the vendors.

However Forex Trading Made E Z has won me over and I see it as essential reading for all Forex traders. It is $77, and of course if you don’t agree it is of great value, by all means get your full refund from Clickbank.

Summary: VERY impressive 86 page ebook, plus 12 training videos and 40 day-trading videos, plus ongoing weekly videos of his trades. Finally I found a down to Earth and honest marketer – I thought I would never meet one while doing all these reviews. I recommend that you buy this product BEFORE you buy forex robots. It will greatly enhance your understanding of Forex trading. It is exceptional quality forex training which you will find it easy to learn from.

I thoroughly recommend this training – links available on my website.


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