Eat and Lose Weight – 21 Tips to Eat and Lose 20 Lbs Fast in 31 Days or Less

Have you struggled so very hard with little or no success in the fight against that “extra pounds”? Now you have a VAST & POWERFUL WEAPON in your hand that will help you lose weight fast.

Here are simple but neglected secretes that will bring the well-deserved change you’ve craved for so long to burn those fat quick.

1. Drink plenty of water – Start each day with a glass of water. Drink water before, during and after your meal.

2. Select your meal wisely – Watch what you eat. Do away with red meat, eat white meat instead. Eat fresh fruit instead of processed fruits like fruit juice.

3. Eat only when you are hungry – Quit the habit of eating whenever you see food. Avoid parties if you can.

4. Stop eating when you feel full – Do not eat until you are bloated. Large portion of most of the foods you eat are wasted as your body has no way of digesting them fully as much as you consume them.

5. Reduce the portion size of your meals – To lose weight, you must eat less than your body burns up. Cut down your diet.

6. Develop a fixed time to have your meals and stick to it – Do not skip meals. Try to have breakfast within one hour of waking up.

7. Eat more often – Instead of eating all your meals three times a day, break it down to smaller portions of about 5 or 6 meals a day. When you eat more often your brain gets a message that you have more to eat and this helps to raise your metabolism.

8. Do not go to sleep on a full stomach. Eat all your 6 meals before 7:30 at night so that you do not go to bed on full stomach.

9. Eat foods that contain more water – Adopt a vegetarian diet. Eat more tomatoes, water melons, berries, papaya, bananas, apples, etc. Fresh vegetables are better than cooked or canned vegetables. Boil your vegetables instead of cooking them.

10. Eat more fiber diet – Fiber will increase your metabolism and make you healthier by cleaning out toxins. Eat High Fiber breads instead of white breads.

11. Eat Thermogenic Food – Thermogenic foods are those kind of food that would burn more energy when they are consumed than the energy they would provide the body with. Foods that fall into this group are High fiber foods such as fruits and vegetable, lean meat, protein and certain herbs. This is one of the unique ways to lose 20 lbs fast.

12. Run away from sugar and sweets. Avoid sweetened bottled drinks. If you must drink fruit juice then go for fresh fruit juice or make it yourself and do not sweeten it with too much calories. Avoid chocolates. Drink only dry wine instead of sweet wine if you must drink.

13. Make fried foods a no go area – Watch your fat intake. Instead of frying your food, try baking them without fat. Choose low or no fat substitutes.

14. Stop eating snacks in between meals. If you must snack, eat vegetables and fruits like carrots, apples, etc.

15. Balance your diet. Your diet should be about 50 to 55% carbohydrates, 25 to 30% proteins, 15 to 20 % fats.

16. Drink less alcoholic beverages. If you can, it is best to say no to alcoholic beverages. I bet you can.

17. Cut down your salt intake – Too much salt is one of the causes of obesity.

18. Go easy on tea and coffee. A cup of tea or coffee can be helpful, but you need to watch what you put into your cup. Watch the cream and the sugar. Remember that too much coffee can affect your metabolism.

19. Nothing more than an egg a day – One egg each day is about 먹튀커뮤니티 30 eggs in a month. This is not really a good idea. You should reduce your intake of egg to about 3 eggs in a week.

20. Avoid crash diets – Crash diets are not the solutions to weight loss. This is because when you stop dieting everything you lost will bounce back.

21. Use your teeth well – Chew your food properly before you swallow. This allows saliva to mix properly with the food for sugar to be digested. Remember, digestion of sugar begins in the mouth.

Here you have them – 21 helpful tips to help you Eat and Lose 20 lbs fast in 31 Days or Less. If you apply all of these weight loss secrets we share with you today, you would definitely see some pounds drop off quickly.

Ephrim Chim is a freelance writer, author and fitness trainer. He freely shares his knowledge and many of his followers have been greatly enriched by his research and findings.


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