Circle of Influence in Real Estate – How to Use It

Perhaps you’ve heard of the circle of influence and had no idea how to implement it. Or you heard of it, did some research, and thought it had to do with direct marketing and not real estate. The surprising part is, marketing your real estate business is a kind of direct marketing plan. Your circle of influence is a particularly great way to get started when you are new to the field. So how do you get started?

What is a circle of influence?

Your circle of influence is your network of people closest to you. In real estate, you will depend a lot upon referrals, and this network is your best launch pad, because even though your friends and family might not be looking to buy or sell a home, they no doubt know someone who is. They can be the direct connection to your first client.

Word of mouth

If you do have any current customers and they are happy  social media post ideas for realtors with the help you gave them, encourage them to refer anyone looking to buy or sell your way. Positive word of mouth is better advertising than anything else you can get.

Stay in contact

You can keep cultivating your circle of influence by keeping in touch with them. It will help you from a business standpoint, and it will help you mentally, too, since it has been proven that keeping a circle of friends is good for your spirit and your mind!

If you choose to broaden your circle a bit, networking lunches given by your neighborhood chamber of commerce or trade conferences will help you make solid connections with people who can be a good reference or even a client down the road. It also keeps your name out there in the world so people will remember you. In turn, you can be of assistance to them someday.

That personal touch

Keep things personal with your circle. Cold, impersonal bulk mailings don’t work very well with people you already know. Make the time in your day to call people or send handwritten notes.

Going social

You can also turn to social media as a way to stay in touch. Just be sure you dedicate time every day to posting something interesting or answering messages and tweets. Social media is a way for people who know you to easily share your business with people they know, and if you keep up with posting interesting topics, you can make yourself sharable.

Just remember that though sometimes things go viral and become overnight sensations, the chances of that happening are few and far between. It is also something that happens when something unique is posted, like when a Siamese cat with a permanently sour expression gets her picture posted on Facebook. Overnight, Tardar Sauce became Grumpy Cat and a brand was launched. You, however, are much more likely to have a small circle of highly devoted fans.

Your circle of influence in real estate can be a valuable marketing tool, especially when you are new to the industry. Just be sure to cultivate it and add on to it as much as you can. Be patient, and be ready to watch your business grow.


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