Blenders for commercial and professional use


Professional blenders can transform the ingredients you choose to include in the blender. Also, as anyone who’s seen this YouTube clip’s “will it blend?” will testify it is true that they can blend anything from iPods to marbles.



It is hard to understand why people would mix marbles, let alone iPod’s, is anyone’s idea, but it does get some points across quickly. Blenders work quickly and efficiently. They are almost impervious to damage. If you can find it into the blender the blender will mix it. Many companies produce a top blender.



The most popular brands are Vitamix Blendtec, Waring Commercial and Kitchen aid. The cost of blenders differs. Professional blenders are utilized in bars, restaurants and hotels as well as  catering companies. They are usually referred to as commercial blenders since their price generally ranges from $300 to $600, and vitamix e310 vs e320 blender  most households are not prepared to invest this much amount of money into a blender to use for personal purposes.



However, some people who mix discover that they enjoy using blenders, and use them often. They think that the price is an investment that is worth it. So they purchase commercial blender instead of the common version. Professional blenders allow you to prepare smoothies quicker as well as the consistency of your smoothie will be more smooth. And, best of all, it will last for longer. It is expensive, but worth the cost. Ice will melt quickly and easily.



These blenders have a potent force that can make you blink when you see it blend quickly and efficiently whatever you throw in it. Another reason to purchase commercial blenders is their long-lasting nature. They last and last.



The majority of them come with a warranty which ranges from 5-to-10 years dependent on the manufacturer. Some extended warranties are some extra. The Vitamix blender is covered by a fantastic warranty for 7 years. However, there is a possibility to extend the warranty to 10 years for an additional $75.



Commercial blenders are backed by much more warranties due to the fact that they are made predominantly for commercial use and business owners generally need the protection the warranties provide. When you are seeking the right blender, take a look at the warranties carefully before you choose. When you get started, you’ll soon be needing to mix every thing!




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