Article Writing – Why Bother?

Article writing when done correctly can be one of the most potent methods of promoting your business on the Internet. But why choose this method of internet marketing?

For one thing, it’s F-R-E-E. For another thing, it’s a lot of fun if you enjoy writing; if you don’t enjoy writing, it’s easy to use still, for there are inexpensive ghost writing services on the Internet that staff full time freelance writers who can research and write about any subject matter–including whatever your business is about.

Besides the fact that it’s free and fun or free and easy, what’s the practical advantage of using articles for marketing? On the Internet, it’s about outreach. You can reach across vast distances at the speed of light and connect with people flung all over the world. You would never be able to find these people so fast for such a low cost in any other way. And–these people are prospective targeted traffic. That’s highly meaningful to you. The traffic you want coming to your virtual door is not just any ol’ traffic. You want to drive people to your website who have a higher than average chance of turning into customers. The only way to do this is to find and attract people who already have some level of interest in what you sell. They are “targeted traffic”.

It costs too much money, or at least too much time, and often both, to just attract anybody and get a low conversion rate–that is, a small percentage of the people who visit your website turning into customers. Lots of disinterested people at your site merely take up your bandwidth, too. You don’t want your site going down, especially not because you had a ton of people who reddit essay writing service will never buy from you “just looking”.

Article marketing ferrets out the people who have interests in buying from you. The people who are interested in what you sell are people who choose to read your articles. True, they may not have had your products or services in mind when they read your article, but after reading it they realized they might possibly benefit from it. And, they might have already been interested, and finally they read your article and you impressed them with your free information (people love free stuff, especially free information about something). Your flowing, insightful article convinced them that you are a wise expert on this matter and you have just what they need or want. Best of all, your article didn’t try to sell them anything–it simply informed them and perhaps even in an entertaining way. This got them excited about you.

You can also cultivate new prospects and leads for free with article marketing. You can show people WHY they SHOULD be interested in what you sell. Many never thought of it before, but you show them the value of what you offer by writing in detail about it.


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