Android Application Development Features

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Android operating system is developed for the smart mobile handset and later on following the liberal licensing policy of Google Inc every programmer and non programmer has entered into the foray to develop their personal android application. Presently in market there are three main players of an operating system platforms Microsoft (manufacturing XP and later vista), Linux and MAC operating system which is being utilized by apple Mac book, iPad, and iPhones. But android is currently one of the most popular operating system for mobile handset, given its wide flexibility in setting up of Android application development.

Currently more than two lack Android apps have been developed and the number is increasing every day. The present flood of android apps according to industry Mod apk store expert is because of development of many high-end smart phones by Tech giants, like Nexus one being manufactured by HTC, Nexus S being offered by Samsung under the Google flagship.

Besides using the Android apps smart phones, it provides numerous other benefits such as availability of wide and comprehensive library for audio, video, image files, 2D/3D graphics, GPS, video camera and touchscreen for other application.

Android apps is developed in java language but even if you are not a pro in Java then also you can build your own Android application by following some simple guidelines of Android apps development tutorial.

A good Android application development tutorial provides thorough guideline for Android application development. It gives the comprehensive methodology for generation, manufacturing, debugging, running, modifying format and the source code of android, in order to develop the required application built up using Android operating system.

Besides covering all the research related to apps, while going through your tutorial, try to do some research on the packaging aspect of your application from the tutorial in order to make your application more user – friendly and attractive.

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